Why use a coach?

Who uses a coach and what for?

All sorts of people use coaches to help them become highly motivated, set life changing goals and achieve them, resulting in a new state of being, one that is highly rewarding and focused on long-term life and career satisfaction.


Areas that are often worked on are;


Facing some intimidating challenges.

Ready to step out of your comfort zone.

Facing a major transition.

Wanting to get the edge and take your life to the next level.

Struggling to get everything done that you need to in the time you have

your actions aren't supporting your ideas.

A lack of momentum.

You have a vision but lack a plan.

You need to be focused on your outcome.

Your limiting beliefs are holding you back.

You want to be more decisive, take action or get help creating a vision

You feel  stuck.

You need to develop your leadership qualities.


And Maybe you would like to ......​

  • To get clarity – to see the wood for the trees

  • Increased confidence

  • Charisma upgrade

  • Greater enjoyment of life

  • Career transition or enhancement

  • Lose weight/get more energy/start a realistic health/exercise plan

  • Save time – streamline tasks to be more effective – get stuff done

  • Have more hours in the day

  • Make (lots) more money

  • Save money

  • Start a business

  • Stop people pleasing and worrying about what people think/seeking approval

  • Live in your Values

  • Reinvent yourself and your life

  • Stop making excuses

  • Have better relationships

  • Find love

  • Heal the past

  • Travel more

  • No more missed opportunities

  • Living without regret

  • Ignite a passion

  • Finally be who you always knew you could be

  • To feel in your “flow” without pushing or exhausting yourself

  • Meet new people, have a community, find a tribe

  • Get the very best out of life.

Why not just talk to a friend?

It’s not always easy to have a conversation with your friends about personal stuff or aspirations.  You can feel embarrassed or don’t want it to appear that your goals are somehow superior to theirs.  You know people are sensitive and that’s why conversations are often difficult, even with friends. 


A friend often does not want to challenge you or tell you things about yourself that you may not want to hear for fear of sabotaging your relationship – and there may be things you don’t want to tell them.

 If you’re lucky, they’ll listen and make appropriate comments at the right time, but, more often than not, they give you well-meaning advice, tell you what they would do and join you in a good old moan. Sooner or later, even the most understanding and goodhearted friends will get compassion fatigue and this is when a coach – a ‘friendly guide’ – can help.

An everyday conversation involves two people – you and the other person, and without doubt, two agendas – yours and theirs. A coaching conversation involves two people – you and I, but only one agenda – yours.

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