The Power Of Creativity

Personal Creativity

I believe that creativity is a really important part of our lives.  As human beings we are creative animals, we are designed to be creative and work things out and explore our world.  Creativity is a powerful force for change as well as a vehicle for personal expression and deep emotional and spiritual fulfilment and wellbeing.

There seems to be a fallacy that creativity is somehow a gift bestowed on people from above, or that you are not creative (I cant even draw a straight line)  well allow me to put an end to this fallacy.  As a lecturer  in fine Art & Design in a well established Art School for 20 years I have heard and seen it all.  I have heard every belief and reason why you aren't creative and then, when I say I can show you how, you don't believe it.  Then after a few weeks you realise I can teach you, and you are creative and more than you could ever imagine.

Creativity coaching will help you to get in touch with your your true creative spirit.  It will help you to see the world in lots of different ways rather than a single viewpoint and this will give youa powerful superpower when it comes to solving problems, building a positive philosophy on life or being in touch with a deeper more possitive and confident self.

Art Tutor

As an lecturer and tutor for over 20 years in Fine Art, and a practicing Artist myself I am able to tutor and support you in your artistic journey.  Maybe you have children that are studying or you have a desire to learn to draw and paint landscapes or portraits, if you would like to improve lets discuss how I may help.

Creativity And Business

Helping Business Crack Creativity to Create New Products, Services and Solutions.  

Your business relies on ideas! 

That's why it's so important that you know the best way to get them and keep them.

I love creativity so much I set up a consultancy that works with business.  If your a business owner or manager and you need more creativity in the business, read on.....

We work closely with your business to ensure that your teams have the right creative-thinking tools, techniques, insights and attitudes to become adept in the vital areas of creative problem Solving, idea generation and opportunity finding'. 

Creative-thinking and problem-solving skills will support your business in creating new business growth through the consistent innovation of compelling, customer-focused, products, services and experiences as well as solving your most persistent challenges.


Business is often operating in an increasingly complex and difficult landscape. As problems and customer demands become more complex, we find that there are fewer examples of how to solve them, so instead of looking at what is or what has been, we need to start looking to what can be, and that this is becoming increasingly important.

Ready To Become Who you Know You Can Be?

Arrange a call with me (or Skype)  and will be happy to discuss how we might work together to help you get your life and career to where you want it.

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