A vision of your future

A fun but powerful way to break down self imposed barriers and image and plan for a greater future.

Utilising methods and processes that are used by big business to develop company vision and mission statements, we work together to devise your own vision and mission for your future.

Often when you think about your future and the things that you feel you can achieve there is a mismatch between reality and the stories that you tell yourself.  We interrogate these road-blocks and cognitive bias' to open up your conscious and subconscious to the possibility of a compelling and fulfilling future for you.

People often find this difficult at first but then realise that it becomes easier as you begin to let go of deeply entrenched versions of yourself that may not be true.


Using design, art, creative practices, story-telling and 'imagineering' we work together to craft an exciting vision of possibility.

Price for this package is £270 for 3 sessions

This process is fantastic fun and taps into your creative flow (we all have it1) it'sbest completed in 2 to 3 weeks with homework to complete.  It's also a great starting point to purchasing a life coaching package to realise your new mission and vision for life!

Ready To Become Who you Know You Can Be?

Arrange a call with me (or Skype)  and will be happy to discuss how we might work together to help you get your life and career to where you want it.

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