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Life coaching - Getting Started & Gaining Momentum.

Three sessions

The starter package will help you begin to identify areas of your life or career that you would like to improve or change and we can begin to develop a plan to put those changes in place.

This is also the perfect package if you’d like to ‘give coaching and self development a go’ and see what working with me can do for you.

It will be useful if there is one specific area you wish to work on in isolation. For example, if there’s been something in the background that you’ve been wanting to tackle for a while, three sessions can be enough to deal with it and move on.

Fee for 3 sessions is £195  (Includes a free initial meeting) 

Life coaching - Impact and results.

Six sessions

With the 'Impact and Results' package you will feel that you are focussed and supported in making a significant shift from where you are now, to where you want to be. This number of sessions is useful to identify the life or career changes that you would like to work on  and work together in a supportive and confidential partnership to put them in place.

The Frequency of our sessions will depend on your personal needs and desired outcomes.  Sessions  may be weekly, fortnightly or monthly - or a combination of the above.

Everything will be tailored to you and your particular situation.

Six sessions will allow you to form a plan and benefit from my support along the way.

This package includes 4 emails and 2x15min 'quick fire' sessions when you need to tackle something quickly.

Fee for 6 sessions is £390 (Includes a free initial meeting) 

Payment plan available on request

Life coaching - All the way.

Twelve sessions:

The twelve session option is the best value if you have a number of short term goals, long term goal or you want to make coaching a regular part of your life, and many do for reasons you will discover.

Regular coaching is extremely beneficial in supporting you in maintaining positive mental wellbeing, dealing with stress and achieving what you want out of life.

It can be particularly useful for those who might be going through life changes, those with hectic schedules as a space to re-focus and reflect and anybody who appreciates  knowing that there is a dedicated time every fortnight or month where you can work things through and move forward being the best version of you.

This package includes 10 emails and 5x15min quick fire sessions when you need to tackle something quickly.

Fee for 12 sessions is £750

Payment plan available on request

Price of sessions include:

Call \ Skype/Zoom session 

Preparation for call  and any follow up work required.

Sending and Assessment of workshop / homework documents.

Recommendations, task setting and analysis.

Receiving and responding to client e-mail.

Discounted access to events and other offers.

Bespoke coaching activities based on goals/activities required.

Free Access to site.

Events and workshops

Group life coaching.

Creativity workshop.

Visioning workshop.

Drawing the map.

A Little Extra.....

Extra sessions are available on request and can be paid for at the time.  There will be a premium on these calls.

Also face to face sessions can be arranged to suit and when possible.  F2F will incur travel and expenses costs. 

Ready To Become Who you Know You Can Be?

Arrange a call with me (or Skype)  and will be happy to discuss how we might work together to help you get your life and career to where you want it.

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