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So,  Who is this guy?  That would be my first question straight away also.  You naturally want to know who will be the one who is going to be your guide and challenge you on your journey to what could be a new life. And so you should!!  You really do need to to make sure your life will be in safe hands and getting the right coach match is key.  Avoid hard sells and trust your instincts.

The coach/client relationship is incredibly important and must be built on mutual trust. This is because you need to feel truly secure to be able to feel heard and understood, supported, brave, excited, nervous  and comfortable with spectacular change. It’s important that you shop around to find a coach that feels like the right 'fit', one that is compatible with what you wish to achieve and who understands you and your goals.

There’s a coach out there for everyone. If you are looking for a coach who uses self belief as well as trust, passion, humour and creativity, philosophy and knows you can get more out of life than you currently are, then read on.

A Short Bio....

Hi, I’m Jonathan. Life coach, entrepreneur, teacher, dyslexic and Artist.

I have been an educator, mentor and coach for over two decades. I have worked with over twelve thousand students in groups and individually to help them achieve their goals and pursue a life of fulfilment for themselves and their families.  You can imagine that I have worked with a huge range of personalities from different backgrounds and views on life.



A common theme I have discovered is that the stories people tell themselves and then believe are often not always useful to them.  These stories often become route maps for their lives and do not take them to where they want to go, what they want to achieve or who they want to become.  does this sound like you?

One thing that has troubled me greatly while working closely with people has been their ability to underestimate what they are capable of achieving.  They set low bars when it comes to achievement, believe negative thoughts over positive ones, feel trapped and unable to break free of the situations or patterns of behaviours that they believe they deserve or are unable to change.  It has driven me crazy, and what I can tell you is that I have been a victim of all of the above!!

I have dedicated my life to helping people break out of these unhelpful, often devastating patterns of thoughts and behaviours by helping people be accountable for their own achievement, and acting as accountant for their actions to help them achieve their life and career goals, but at a level that they did not allow themselves to believe could be real.

I offer my experience, belief in your ability to change and achieve and I will act as a guide to you as you make life changing progress.

What upsets me....

How I responded....

My Promise....


Your Guide and Achievement Coach

Why Me

Well theres the question.Here is a few reasons I think you should.

·      NLPTA, International NLP Training Association:Foundation                 Diploma, Neuro-Linguistic programming

  • The Open University - Professional skills development programme:  Coaching & Mentoring at Work.

  • Huddersfield University - City & Guilds 7307 - Further Education Teaching Certificate.

  • Huddersfield University - PGCE - Post Graduate Certificate in Education & Training.

  • Salford University - B.A (HONS). Visual Culture

  • University of Central Lancashire. - Masters Degree -  Fine Art Studio Practice.

  • Designer of curriculum and training packages at level 3,4,5,6.

  • Success coaching.

  • High Level Curriculum Planning and development for Education, Public and Private sectors..

  • Full DBS clearance.

  • 20 years in further and higher education as a lecturer and manager. Worked with over 12,000 students, including young adults and mature students.  Developed individual learning plans  to ensure guided success.

  • Founder of wayout/thinking, an innovation and creative thinking training company, helping business develop highly creative solutions and solve problems.

  • Coached and mentored individuals in organisations at manager and senior levels.

  • Developed visual thinking as a coaching tool to help create compelling futures.

  • Expert in creative thinking techniques and process and their use in developing innovative outcomes.

  • Guided goal setting with people to set goals that they can then use to achieve their perfect outcomes.

  • Intuitive, passionate, precise, strict, relaxed, demanding and focused I quickly get to the issue and create clarity, upscale dreams, remove noise and excuses and get results with you, and for you.

  • Highly sensitive to peoples feelings and emotional states with a high level of empathy.

  • A good sense of humour, determined to help you achieve your goals and will not give up on you, ever!

  • International Artist:  Shown work in UK, Europe and America.  Art Tutor and specialist in Drawing (contemporary & Traditional) and painting.

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